John Ross III “breaking barriers”

In the last several years the Titans have not had a wide receiver that can take the top off a defense.The wide receiver core for the Titans has been middle of the pack at best and therefore the Titans need to pick a wide receiver with one of their first-round picks. This is a receiver rich draft class and over the next few days, I plan to discuss a few of these receivers, starting with John Ross III. Ross posted a 4.22 40 time, at the combine in Indie earlier this month. He garnered NFL scout attention and blew away the competition, and his 4.22 is the new record for the combine. 

john ross III.jpg

I think John Ross III will be a great replacement for Kendall Wright. He has speed, is 5’11, and weighs 188 pounds. Ross attended the University of Washington where after his junior year he declared for the NFL. He is popular with the public because he has great hands, and can run crisp routes. This man could be one of the fastest to come through the NFL. He has all the ability to make a great receiver for the Titans, they need to give Mariota a good slot receiver.


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